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Roto-Sieve Rotary Drum Screens

Innovative and high-performance drum screens

The Roto-Sieve drum screen is an internally fed, self cleaning, inclined drum screen that separates particles and fibers from almost any liquid.The self-cleaning Roto-Sieve design was developed over fifty years ago and has continually been improved. With over 5,000 units installed globally, the Roto-Sieve’s unsurpassed quality, innovation, and reliability is well regarded throughout the world.

With high reliability, a long service life, and low energy consumption, Roto-Sieve drum screens are an excellent investment. The innovative drive system requires no trunnion wheels. This significantly lowers required maintenance while also improving operational reliability. Due to its internal feed and circular perforations, Roto-Sieve offers the best separation that can be achieved mechanically. A fiber or hair is unlikely to orient itself at a right angle and against the water flow to pass through the perforation. This results in a high removal efficiency for hair or fibers while also eliminating the possibility of permanent blinding caused by the stapling of these materials

Roto-Sieve Advantages

  • Innovative drive design results in extremely low maintenance and high reliability.
  • Friction driven rotating drum cleaner brush results in very low spray water usage.
  • Automatic overflow bypass system with overflow sensor protects sensitive downstream processes from damage.
  • No vertical or slotted seals of any kind eliminates the risk of pass through.
  • High capacity and high capture rate with a small footprint.
  • Very low energy use – even the largest models have only 1.5 hp motors.
  • Improves capacity and performance of downstream processes.
  • A great fit for many different municipal and industrial applications.
  • Shipped completely assembled. Simply connect piping, spray water and power at the jobsite.
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