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Weir Channels by Openchannelflow offer a drop-in-place solution to the problem of measuring flows in creeks, small streams, canals, and channels.

We’ve taken our experience with weir boxes / weir plates and combined it with the ease of installation of our Packaged Fiberglass Weir Manholes to create a product that is unique in the marketplace.   By integrating our field removable/replaceable ISO/DIS 1438:2008 compliant sharp-crested, thin-plate weirs, with pre-engineered channels, Openchannelflow Weir Channels provide not only accurate flow measurement, but also operator safety, convenience, customization, and ease-of-use/installation.

Installation can be accomplished with either traditional anchor clips secured to earth anchors or the Weir Channel can be secured off-site to a pre-cast concrete slab for a true, no-hassle installation.

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