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4180 Chlorine Dioxide Generator

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4180 Chlorine Dioxide Generator


The JCS Industries Model 4180 All Vacuum Chemical Feeder is for operations that require high efficiency, accuracy, control and safety. The Model 4180 will feed a chlorine dioxide solution used in municipal and industrial water treatment systems.

The system is comprised of a vacuum injector that safely introduces chlorine gas and sodium chlorite simultaneously into the feed-water stream.

Available in Two Precursor or Three Precursor

The Model 4180 uses dual reversing servo motors coupled with a v-notch valve to regulate the chemical feed rate, an electronic flow sensor for the sodium chlorite and a calibrated borosilicate glass rotameter for Cl2 gas to generate a > 95% ClO2 solution. The unique design allows for a continuous adjustment of both of the chemicals based off the actual chlorite feed rate to ensure accurate feed throughout the operator’s desired range. Internal electronics allow for feed system to be remotely monitored and controlled from user’s SCADA.


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