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Since 1929, Limitorque actuators have been making flow control easier among a broad range of applications. These actuators are world-class devices used to consistently drive multi-turn and quarter-turn industrial valves and dampers, providing years of dependable service. More than 1 million Limitorque actuators have been installed around the world — and some have been in operation for more than a half-century.

Limitorque changed the industry with its strategic introduction of a “torque-limiting” design. Today, all heavy-duty electric actuators use some device that “limits the torque” to safely operate automated valves and protect people and property.


Wide range of solutions

True to its name, Limitorque offers you a wide range of solutions and automation choices. World-class electric and electronic products, plus an expanded range of fluid power actuators, Scotch yoke pneumatic actuators and control systems provide proven benefits like these:

  • Automation advantages, including cylinder-operated fluid power actuators and Limitorque’s unparalleled range of heavy-duty electric actuators
  • Greater operating efficiencies, ranging from control room performance sequencing and continuous process optimization to configuration of emergency shutdown (ESD) situations and SIL-rated safety for electric- and fluid-powered devices
  • A full suite of digital network protocols, delivering visibility of databases and proactive diagnostics — compatible with electric- and fluid-powered actuators


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