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Rotating Algal Contactor (RAC) Overview
Algaewheel is a revolutionary Rotating Algal Contactor (RAC) utilizing Hybrid Fixed Film Technology that combines the performance benefits of algal biofilms and MBBR.

Benefits of algal biofilms and MBBR technology
Algaewheel combines the performance benefits of algal biofilms and MBBR in a single rotating unit that floats and is turned through the simple buoyancy of air – no motors or shafts.

  • Buoyant Algaewheels float in shallow process tanks.
  • A simple, ultra-low energy air system rotates the Algaewheels.
  • Rising air bubbles easily lift the fins to rotate the floating Algaewheels at 1 – 2 rpm.
  • The external surface area of the Algaewheels support algal biofilm growth and phototrophic bacteria.
  • MBBR media inside the wheels provide an ideal bacteria growth environment 24/7.


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