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The anaerobic digestion processes developed by SUEZ offer a number of advantages:

  • Reduced quantities of sludge
    Depending on the process used, volumes can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Increased dry content 
    Certain innovative processes can increase the dry content by 5 to 10 points compared with conventional digestion.
  • Long-term stabilisation 
    Sludge conditioning reduces olfactory nuisances and encourages hygienation.
  • Recovery of the sludge as green energy by producing biogas
    SUEZ offers innovative technologies that can as much as double the production of recoverable biogas compared with conventional digestion.


Suez’s Offerings

  • mesophilic digestion at 37°C
  • Digelis Smart: integrated mesophilic digestion and biogas storage
    Digelis Smart combines sludge digestion and the storage of biogas to offer a compact, practical and economical solution.
  • thermophilic digestion at 55°C
  • Digelis Duo: thermophilic digestion at 55°C combined with mesophilic digestion at 37°C
  • Digelis Fast: thermophilic digestion at 55°C
  • Digelis Turbo: thermal hydrolysis combined with mesophilic digestion at 37°C
    Digelis Turbo halves the quantity of sanitized sludge and increases the production of recoverable biogas.


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