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Argos Sequencing Batch Reactor

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Argos Sequencing Batch Reactor

Equipment Overview
The Argos® Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) is a True Batch SBR system that combines capabilities of anaerobic, anoxic, aerobic, and secondary clarification into one basin. A True Batch SBR, unlike a Continuous Flow SBR, provides a consistent cycle structure within a circular, rectangular, or square basin. A Continuous Flow SBR requires a long rectangular basin to avoid pollutant “short circuiting” and has unpredictable cycle times since it is dependent on the flow.

All components provided with the Argos® SBR are accessible from the surface, which include:

  • Aire-OTriton® Aerator(s) – Installed with stainless steel guide rail assemblies, allowing the Triton to function at the entire operating depth of the SBR. The Triton provides anoxic and aerobic conditions by simply cycling the blower on & off.
  • Argos® Decanter(s) – A cantilever type decanter controlled by a VFD to allow variable weir travel. All routine maintenance is achieved from the side of the basin. Decanter control panels are also included to provide local manual control. The decanter uses a floatable scum baffle which keeps solids from flowing over the weir.
  • Instrumentation – Flow, Level, Dissolved Oxygen, and ORP meters are combined with local controllers to provide real time measurements of the process.
  • Submersible WAS Pump(s) – Pumps are mounted to guide rails for easy access during routine maintenance.
  • Electrically Actuated Influent Valve(s) – Capable of local or PLC automated control. Influent valves are synchronized to open and close simultaneously to ensure proper flow.


Equalization Basins and aerobic sludge digesters can be packaged with the Argos Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) as well.

Argos® SBR is an ideal system for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities looking for a user-friendly, energy efficient solution. Aeration Industries process engineering team provides custom SBR designs specific to the loading information, effluent requirements, and site conditions for any particular site.

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