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BioGill® manufactures above ground, attached growth bioreactors that deliver compact and affordable wastewater treatment solutions.

Key to BioGill® performance efficiency is the growth of healthy biomass on the patented nano-ceramic media, known as “Gills”. These Gills provide the ultimate air and liquid interface for the microorganisms to grow, multiply and thrive. Wastewater is pumped to the clog resistant, patented HydroSwirl™ dispersal manifold, located at the top of each cartridge. Wastewater is then gravity-fed down through the cartridge.

Tolerant of fluctuations

The BioGill® media fosters a biomass that is remarkably tolerant of fluctuations in wastewater flow and BOD & COD loadings. This is a key benefit for facilities with variations in wastewater producing activities over the course of the week or throughout the year, making these bioreactors equally well suited to year round or seasonal use.

Biomass re-establishment within 24 hours after system shock

The Gills achieve higher BOD & COD removal capacity through faster microbial community start up which is up to 7 times faster than conventional bioreactor technology. As such, substantial biomass re establishment can occur within 24 hours after a system shock, upset or system shutdown and restart, following a dormant period.

Wide range of influent concentrations

BioGill® technology can also treat a wide range of influent BOD & COD concentrations and tolerate levels of Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) that challenge or disrupt alternative biological treatment systems

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