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Bulk storage silos for dry reagents


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Bulk storage silos for dry reagents


Bulk storage silos made of steel are the perfect solution to store the powdered reagents like hydrated lime, activated carbon, soda ash, and many other dry chemical powders. The cylindrical shape and the conical bottom allow a complete discharge of the product when combined with a mechanical arch breaker. Silos have a custom design regarding the local constraints related to the site (snow, wind, seismic data…). Also, to consider: the powder data (product stickiness, clogging, corrosive …) and the daily consumption.

Standard supplied equipment


  • Dust filter (with pneumatic or mechanical cleaning)
  • Safety PVR valve (Pressure Relief Valve)
  • Manhole
  • Guardrail
  • Safety high rotary level indicator


  • 2 high and re-order rotary level indicators
  • Access ladder OSHA compliant
  • Filling pipe


  • 60° cone
  • Flange output
  • Galvanized steel frame with 4 feet


Many Options

  • Load cell kit to get an accurate measure of the remaining powder
  • Skirt with insulation, heater and spotlights to create a room under the silo
  • Electrical junction box at the ground level
  • Truck fill panel with lights and level indicators
  • Explosion vent on the roof
  • Stairway OSHA compliant

With a volume ranging from 200 to 7,000 ft³, Sodimate helps to choose the right diameter and height of silos to comply with the technical definition of the customer.

Our steel silos are in one-piece construction, with protective linings and coatings, and ASME certification.

Their design integrates each standard and optional custom accessory.

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