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CityWorks AMS/PLL

Cityworks is the leading GIS-centric platform for public asset management, permitting, and land management


CITYWORKS PLL: Empowering GIS intelligence for permits, licensing, and land.

CITYWORK AMS: Empowering GIS intelligence for public asset management.

The GIS-Centric Platform

  • Use the ArcGIS geodatabase as the authoritative system of record for all asset classes—linear, dispersed, and condensed.
  • Take advantage of well-known data structure elements to integrate Cityworks with other business systems.
  • Support your organization throughout the entire asset management workflow: from data collection and work management to regulatory reporting and strategic planning.
  • Use ArcGIS tools for simple and effective location intelligence, supported by web maps and single sign-on access to Esri apps and analytics solutions.


  • Cityworks PLL is built exclusively on ArcGIS, giving office staff, field staff, and the public access to real-time data and simplified workflows
  • Let residents, contractors, and businesses submit, pay, and track applications online at their convenience with an easy-to-use public portal
  • Configure templates and inboxes to help predict daily tasks and simplify processes. Complete work anywhere and on any device
  • Use dashboards, analytics, and maps to visualize data, understand resources, and report more accurately
  • Cityworks PLL connects seamlessly with the Cityworks AMS, allowing organizations to track the full lifecycle of public assets and achieve greater collaboration across departments
  • Can help you identify your riskiest assets and put the right plans in place to improve them
  • Mobilize your workforce


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