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DEMON Anammox Treatment Technology

Have ammonia problems?

DEMON® Anammox Treatment Technology is the continuous or SBR deammonification process utilizing granular anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria (anammox) biomass for aiding in reduction of high strength ammonia from side stream solids dewatering facilities reject flows.

World Water Works’ DEMON process can solve the problem of returning high concentrations of ammonia to the plant influent. The true key to the success of the technology is the patented advanced biological process controls and the physical separation used to facilitate the growth and retention of the anammox bacteria.


  • Lowest cost TN removal available
  • > 60% Less energy consumption
  • 90% Less sludge production
  • CO2 Fixation = Zero carbon footprint
  • Simple and flexible
  • Quick startup with available seed sludge
  • Retrofit of existing tanks


How does it work?

Unlike the traditional nitrification-denitrification method for removing nitrogen, which requires large amounts of energy (1.8-2.7 KW-hr/lb. nitrogen removed), alkalinity addition and external carbon addition, the DEMON process uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and annamox to efficiently and reliably remove ammonia from wastewater. The system operates under intermittent aeration with maximum operational dissolved oxygen levels range from 0.3-0.5 mg/L. The system is completely automated which provides great system resilience and lessens the need for operational oversight.

Partial nitritation/deammonification represents a shortcut of the traditional process of nitrogen removal similar to nitrite shunt. The two-step process includes the partial nitritation of ammonia and the subsequent anaerobic oxidation of the residual ammonia and nitrite to nitrogen gas by annamox bacteria. This process is a greenhouse gas sequestrian and a truly sustainable improvement over traditional ammonia removal processes.

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