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Electronic Bed Monitor (EBMv2)


PureAir’s Electronic Media Bed Monitor (EBM), a first-to-market electronic monitor for measuring actual media consumption in real time, has been upgraded to the EBMv2. Through continuous monitoring and an electronic notification system, this monitor makes unit maintenance predictable and plannable.


• Input Power: 120/230 V
• Long-lasting sensors; replacements are supplied at no charge when using PureAir media
• Instantaneous readings means no more sampling, waiting on test results, or dependence on
a media supplier for accurate test analysis
• Transmits results wirelessly or wired
• Predictive alarm sends alert when media is partially and completely consumed
• Provides odor control accuracy and system reliability
• Facilitates advance scheduling for media changeouts
• Avoids contaminant breakthrough and extended downtimes


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