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HI-E DRY 195 Dehumidifier


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HI-E DRY 195 Dehumidifier

What Sets It Apart?

Hi-E DRY 195 dehumidifiers are designed and built with emphasis on efficiency and durability. Today’s Hi-E DRY 195 dehumidifiers remove up to seven pints of water per kilowatt hour, while the industry average remains at only two to three pints. The high-efficiency design of Hi-E DRY 195
dehumidifiers offer more than just dramatically reduced utility costs. The larger water removal capacity from a smaller, more efficient refrigeration system eliminates the need for 220 volt circuits in many applications. The smaller refrigeration system allows Hi-E DRY 195 dehumidifiers to cost less than other commercial dehumidifiers of equal capacity


• Controlled by a dehumidistat with settings from 20 to 80 percent relative humidity and a positive “on” and “off” setting.
• Portable and provided with four casters.
• Contains an internal condensate pump capable of lifting condensate 17 feet and 30 feet of condensate hose.
• Wiring is through a factory installed six foot power cord with a NEMA 5-20P plug; 115 volt with ground.

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