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High Efficiency Gear Centrifugal Blower

The most reliable, cost effective and efficient blowers

Inovair’s highly efficient and durable geared centrifugal blowers deliver the industry’s lowest total ownership cost. The key is a high-efficiency design that is also affordable, thanks to the use of industry standard components to avoid unnecessary complexity and cost, as well as the company’s 25+ years of experience designing and manufacturing compact blowers. Inovair’s proven design approach also simplifies maintenance and produces extreme durability.

With documented energy savings as high as 45% relative to PD and multistage blowers, and without the electrical complexity and durability issues seen in high speed turbo blowers, Inovair offers a unique combination of high efficiency, reliability, and simplicity. Unlike some others, Inovair blowers and customers are supported by the advantages of a vertically integrated manufacturer, with Inovair controlling all elements of design, production, and service. All of these activities are performed 100% in the USA, at the company’s headquarters in Kansas City.

Proven performance

We’ve been designing blowers for nearly 30 years, in some of the most demanding applications. From 4000+ horsepower drag race superchargers to the F-35 fighter jet deicing units, we have the experience and technology to optimize performance and durability. With thousands of Inovair units shipped, we’ve observed energy savings of up to 40%. If you are looking to reduce total cost of ownership, look no further than Inovair.

Product Line

The Inovair wastewater product line consists of the IM-Series, which is completely gear driven, and the IO Series, which has both a belt drive and a gear drive. The product range covers from 25 horsepower to 500 horsepower, making our blowers a perfect fit for all wastewater applications. Unlike other technologies, we employ an integrally-geared, centrifugal design that allows the blowers to operate reliably in extreme conditions.


  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • High efficiencies
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Minimal downtime
  • Integrated control systems
  • Compact, flexible footprint
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