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Hydrostatic Level Measuring

Stable and accurate measurements
Hydrostatic Level Transmitters are designed to provide stable and accurate measurements in tanks, pump wells, open channels, and harsh environments. MJK level transmitters operate flawlessly and largely without maintenance.

We meet the need of your industry
Our hydrostatic level measurement product range has been developed to meet specific requirements received from various industries – for example, drinking water, wastewater, aquaculture and industrial users. Requirements are high and MJK Expert™ hydrostatic level transmitters deliver stable, accurate measurements and have a long service life.

Options for aggressive chemicals and environments
The level transmitters are developed and produced in Denmark, and are constructed in widely diverse materials and with different sensors – some of which are suitable for aggressive chemicals. In addition, some of our Expert transmitters are UL-ATEX approved to operate in hazardous areas.

Easy to install and move
The fact that our level transmitter cables are very solid and flexible makes it easy to install the product. Within the MJK Expert™ series, all models are programmable according to the measuring range in question. This ensures that you can select your individual area for measurement or move your Expert™ to another location.

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