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pH and Redox Measurement

pHix Electrodes are less sensitive
The unique design eliminates any known problems with high impedance electrodes. Furthermore, no special tools are required for installation. Also, due to their large reference junction, pHix Electrodes are less sensitive to polluting elements.

pH is used to control processes
MJK analysis instruments provide knowledge of oxygen content, dry matter, turbidity, pH and redox for water supplies, treatment plants, aquaculture – and increasingly through environmental monitoring. Many processes rely on pH and redox measurements, including – in particular – treatment of wastewater, in industrial processes and in aquaculture. pH measurement is used, among other things, to control neutralization, precipitation and other chemical processes.

Innovative pH meter and redox transmitter
MJK pHix Compact is an innovative pH meter and redox transmitter that can be immersed in liquids in channels and tanks for accurate measurements. When measuring in pipes, it is possible to mount the pHix Compact in a 2”pipe socket. pHix Compact is IP68 secured and can therefore withstand up to 1 bar/10 mWG pressure and full immersion.

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