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Looking to retrofit an existing lagoon?

Updating old wastewater lagoons to meet current NPDES effluent limits can be a daunting task for any municipality or industrial plant.  Many times, the cost of going to an entirely mechanical or activated sludge plant is not practical or feasible. The good news is that a properly retrofitted aerated-lagoon with fine bubble diffusers can achieve single digit BOD and TSS limits at a fraction of the cost compared with other treatment technologies.

J. Nelson Hinde of Hinde Engineering was one of the pioneers of the aerated facultative lagoon for wastewater treatment, after discovering the benefits of using sub-surface diffused aeration. By restoring bottom oxygen levels, aerobic organisms thrive in the organic and nutrient-rich benthal layer. ADS fine bubble aeration is specifically designed to provide optimal oxygenation & mixing without creating turbulence or re-suspending bottom sludge and sediments.

ADS Lagoon Aeration Treatment Advantages:

  • Removal rates up to 99% for BOD & TSS
  • Custom design for each application
  • 20-year minimum life expectancy
  • Highest independently certified ASCE oxygen transfer rate
  • Low-cost, Energy-efficient (state, federal, and private financing options available!)
  • 100% biological, no chemicals required
  • No sludge handling or dewatering is necessary for installation or maintenance
  • The ADS fine bubble diffuser does not clog
  • Virtually maintenance free
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