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Metering System for Powdered Active Carbon (PAC)


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Metering System for Powdered Active Carbon (PAC)

Effective elimination of micro-contaminants as the last stage of waste water treatment – efficient, precise and reproducible

The special metering system consists of the Tomal® Big Bag emptying unit, the powder storage tank and the Tomal® multi-screw feeder. This meters the powdered active carbon by volume and in a reproducible manner with excellent precision. Unlike gravimetric metering systems, this technology requires no error-prone, maintenance-intensive weighing equipment.

Functional description:

The Big Bag is lifted into the carrier frame by a forklift. The outlet connection is released and it is fed into the powder funnel. The multi-screw feeder meters the PAC into the wetting cone at the same time as the treatment water. The PAC suspension is supplied to the metering point at a max. back pressure of 1 bar via the Venturi water ejector.

Your benefits
  • Economical thanks to volumetric metering – no over-metering
  • Maximum reproducibility
  • Dust-free metering
  • Better than 1% precision
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