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NK/NKE/NKG Endsuction long coupled single stage Pumps


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NK/NKE/NKG Endsuction long coupled single stage Pumps


Grundfos offers an almost limitless range of close-coupled (NB/NBG) and long-coupled (NK/NKG) end-suction pumps, whose robustness and reliability make them ideal for use in even the most demanding environments.

Combining tradition and forward thinking

Despite their sturdy build and solid appearance, the Grundfos end-suction pumps are ready to sprint into the top of their field. Over the years the pumps have been carefully optimised and refined to offer unsurpassed energy efficiency and performance as well as amazing flexibility.

Survival of the fittest

The Grundfos end-suction pumps made from cast iron are designed to work hard in demanding environments, where only the fittest pumps will survive in the long run. Whatever is running through the pipes will be handled effortlessly by the unique end-suction range. In applications where there is a high risk of corrosion, a range of stainless steel NB/NK variants is available as well.


Ideal for medium-flow requirements in distribution networks

If water pressure is too high for too long, you risk increased water loss, lower revenue and increased maintenance of pipes. Grundfos supplies a complete system designed for flow and pressure management that meets medium-flow requirements from local pumping stations. NK/NKG/NKE/NKGE end-suction long-coupled centrifugal pumps are perfect for this purpose in a water distribution system.


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