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Noggerath® Septage Receiving Station

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Wastewater Equipment

Noggerath® Septage Receiving Station

How it works

This grid can be used both for the treatment of municipal or industrial wastewater, in case required the mechanical grilling can be add to remove as much suspended solids as possible. During exercise, the solids contained in the hydraulic flow enter the drum and gradually settle on the filter surface, progressively shrinking it and causing an upstream rise. When the level reaches a predetermined threshold (in the case of exercise at a threshold level) or in function of a predetermined time interval (in case of exercise at time intervals), the rotating rake is activated through the transport auger, maintaining clean the grid section in the flow to be treated.

Thanks to rotation, solids and separate materials are raised and fallen into the hopper of the screw collection. The nozzles installed close to the internal grille for grid collection will remove all residue from the comb and facilitate its conveying in the screw conveyor. Grid materials are transported to be compacted, washed and dehydrated obtaining a 70% volume reduction and a degree of dryness of about 35-40% or more, depending on the characteristics of the solids, prior to being discharged into a dedicated container. However, the washing and compacting system may not be installed, depending on the grid materials disposal requirements. The grille is designed for fastening inside the civilian plant or provided in a complete package in a stainless steel container with or without the option of a manual cleaning by-pass grid.

Unique Selling Point

  • Particularly robust operation and long service life
  • Trouble-free maintenance and low maintenance requirements
  • High operational reliability: no blockages or pigtailing, no pressing of screenings through the sieve surface
  • No service water required in the pressing zone during operation
  • Outlet totally free to avoid any blockage on the discharge
  • Reliable and automatic self-cleaning operation
  • Anti clogging sieve basket made with an high efficient hydraulic profile with a limited head loss in any operative condition


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