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Passavant® Step Screen

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Passavant® Step Screen


The Passavant® Step Screen is mounted in a channel or tank at an angle of approx. 50°. The solids which deposit on the lamella package are transported upwards step by step by means of an eccentric drive. Due to its own weight and the assistance of a  scraper comb, the solids then drop down and are discharged into a container or delivered into a machine for further transportation or further processing. The process is controlled by the differential level control of the water level upstream and downstream of the screen.

It has been consistently redeveloped and optimized on the basis of more than a ecade of experience. Innovative ideas for the improvement of functionality, operational reliability, stability and maintainability have made the Step Screen PSS a top quality economically viable product which offers you unique Advantages.

Unique Selling Point

▪ High operational reliability and low operating costs
▪ Modular frame construction
▪ Functional enclosement
▪ Motor brake and electric overload protection


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