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Pressure filters are implemented into a pressurized flow stream, allowing for continuous treatment from source to finish without additional stages of pumping. The forced flow can overcome more filter head-loss than gravity applications, which are limited by vessel height. This accommodates more solids loading for longer filter runs, as well as higher filter loading rate applications to optimize equipment size. Kurita America’s pressure filter product line offers several configurations with customizable features to meet your application’s specific needs.


  • Simplified process
  • Continuous pressurized flow from source to finish
  • Several configurations for optimal flexibility
  • Use of any filter media
  • High rate loading possible
  • Simul-Wash™ combined air/water backwash option


Options Available

Vertical pressure filters accommodate smaller flows, and offer flexibility for redundancy and future expansion. Multiple vessels can be skid-mounted, plumbed and wired at the factory for ease of installation in the field.

Horizontal pressure filters allow for more filter area in a single vessel, optimizing footprint for larger flows and simplifying installation. The filters are internally divided into cells to limit backwash flow rates. Both side-piped and end-piped configurations are available depending on size and layout preference.

OptaCell™ Plus
Our OptaCell Plus includes filter cells that are completely isolated above and below the underdrain, each cell independently pressure tested with the others open to atmospheric conditions. This feature provides the best of both pressure filter types, combining the flexibility of a vertical pressure filter system with the compactness of a horizontal pressure filter. Further customization allows for inclusive detention chambers, or multiple stages of filtration operated in-series.

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