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Phalanx™ granular media packaged filter systems

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Phalanx™ granular media packaged filter systems


Phalanx™ granular media packaged filter systems are custom-designed in circular or rectangular tankage with unit capacity from 20 gpm to over 1500 gpm (multiple units used for higher flow rates).  A brand member of Poseidon Filtration Systems®, Phalanx is used for conventional water treatment, wastewater tertiary filtration, biologically active filtration, GAC adsorption and ion exchange, as well as denitrification (DDBF™).

What can be removed?

Turbidity, pathogens, color, taste and odor compounds, suspended solids, phosphorus, iron, manganese, organics, ammonia, nitrate, arsenic, 1,4-dioxane, pharmaceuticals, and other contaminants may be removed by Phalanx with proper pretreatment.


Manufactured of stainless steel or epoxy-coated carbon steelPhalanx utilizes the combined air-water backwash process to clean dual- or mono-media designs to reduce water consumption and optimize cleaning.  Ortho-Wash™ baffled wash troughs guarantee media retention and minimize filter height.


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