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QUANTAER® Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration System

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QUANTAER® Fine Bubble Diffused Aeration System

We understand the value of experience in the design of fine bubble diffused aeration systems. Although diffuser selection is critical, equally important is the design of the air delivery system. Combining Aquarius’ proprietary air distribution system manufacturing process with energy efficient disc diffusers differentiates us from every other diffused aeration system in the industry today.

We specialize in two types of 9 inch disc diffusers:

  • EPDM Standard and Low Pressure Membrane Disc Diffusers
  • Ceramic Disc Diffusers


The Aquarius Quantaer® aeration grid design includes:

  • High Performance Piping and Fixed Joint Design for Durability in all Environmental Conditions
  • Proprietary Threading and Retaining Mechanism for Increased Joint Reliability
  • Greater Thread Profile, Thicker Retainer Ring and Four-Sided O-ring Compression Vs Comparable Two-Sided Compression
  • Anti-Rotational Joints with Infinite Angular Rotation Reduces Joint Stress Decreasing Chances of Leaking and Failure
  • Diffuser Holder Manufacturing Process Incorporates Factory Solvent and Ultrasonic Welded Connections
  • A Mechanical Bond Stronger than the Pipe
  • No Sealing Gaskets for Field Installation
  • Field Installation of the Holder Not Required
  • Air Purge System
  • Removal of Condensation Build Up in Piping Available for Manual or Continuous Operation


Aquarius strives to be the best in class by setting design standards that exceed those of other suppliers of diffused aeration components / systems.

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