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Chemical Feed Equipment

Refurbishment Services

Aftermarket retrofits, repairs, and replacements

STT offers a variety of solutions for your existing system to help extend the lifecycle, to keep it running optimally, to enhance its safety, and even to improve its performance. These include repairs, retrofits and upgrades.

Our retrofits and repairs

  • Fully automated slakers to replace manually controlled equipment, providing real-time monitoring and of your slaking process
  • Chemical system retrofit for dust and moisture control and reduction of clogs
  • VERTIMILL® modified feed retrofit to improve slaking reaction and drive efficient lime usage
  • Mixer and tank baffle redesign to reduce solids build-up at the bottom of slurry tanks


We offer replacements for:

  • Silo roofs
  • Slakers
  •  Scrubbers
  • Wetting bowls
  • Bin vent
  • Screw conveyors
  • Pumps, mixers, feeders
  • Basically, any part of your system


We are confident you will see an improvement in how your system is functioning almost immediately.

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