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GALENE ROG-8 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to produce high purity water in applications requiring quality equipment with a fast delivery and at competitive price. All GALENE RO units come factory tested and are pre-assembled in the US to delivered quick field installation and start-up. Our pre-engineered units deliver to our industrial and municipal customers best in class RO technology at a competitive price point. Simple utility connections and preset controls will have the system on-line and in service in no time. GALENE ROG-8 standard units are available with product water outputs from 25-350 GPM (36,000-500,000 GPO).

Meet customer specification or special requests

GALENE can provide RO options to meet customer specifications or special applications. Options include pre and post RO treatment systems, clean-in-place skids, germicidal control, collection and forwarding tanks, intake and distribution pump stations – all as integrated solutions. Whether standard, local PLC controls or plant level integration to SCADA operating platforms, trust in GALENE to deliver best in class RO technology at competitive pricing.

Two configuration options

The ROG-8 RO systems come in two configurations, a standard RO unit and Flow Reversal RO unit. The main advantages of the FR RO unit is its ability to reach high recovery rates, up to 96% (water quality dependent), without being exposed to the hazard of mineral scaling and its negative effects. When quantity of permeate or reduction of reject are imperative, the FR RO patented technology is the solution.


Using advanced, licensed, proprietary flow reversal technology, GALENE is able to achieve an increase of up to 20% in permeate production, and up to a 60% reduction in reject flow, using the same amount of flow and pumping capacity in the intake. Units can be offered as grass root projects or retrofit of existing RO systems.

GALENE solutions are tailored to:

  • Brackish water treatment

  • Sea water treatment

  • High quality, recycled wastewater requirements

  • High quality, water treatment requirements

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