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Rotary Drum Thickener

Unique in the Industry

  • Fully stainless steel, tubular frame construction
  • Drum composed of 5 to 10 thickening zones with customizable drainage media for each zone
  • Drainage media available as stainless steel or polyester fabric
  • Easily removable large side panels with lifting handles
  • Lower inspection covers are hinged for ease of access to the enclosure
  • Automatic & Continuous – Designed to operate without operator attention
  • Fully enclosed for odor control and reduced cleanup
  • Internally baffled design eliminates short-circuiting and maximizes contact time with drainage media
  • Drainage rates easily observed for each Thickening Zone, allowing the operator to optimize polymer dosage and solids capture
  • The Initial Thickening Zone is sealed to provide flocculation time and maximum solids capture
  • Filtrate Recycle option available to reduce water usage and filtrate flow
  • Adjustable angle, self-cleaning shower cleans the drainage

Optimized Filtration
Variable speed allows the operator to increase or decrease retention time in the rotary drum thickening zones, controlling the discharge solids content with a minimal polymer dosage and maximized solids capture. The internally baffled design allows the unit to handle very high hydraulic loads without flow short-circuiting through the drum. The internal discs are specially designed to handle debris without plugging or ragging. When higher throughput is required, BDP offers a Dual Drum design, with two
drums operating in parallel, inside the same enclosure, with common feed and discharge. Dual Drum design provides redundancy in one unit, allowing one drum to operate while maintenance is performed on the other drum

Unique design provides a viable option to a Gravity Belt Thickener with the following advantages: a smaller footprint, unattended operation, lower investment, and maintenance costs. Performance is similar.

Low Cost Screen Construction: Uses filter cloth instead of perforated plate or wedge wire
Center Shaft / Bearing design: Keeps bearings from being exposed to process fluids
Variable Drum Speed Drive: Allows control of slurry depth inside the drum maximizing thickening performance
Large Effective Filtration Area

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