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What makes SCADATA unique?

Most SCADA systems are designed by engineering firms and are implemented by SCADA system integrators. After your system is turned on, the system integrator maintains control of the software, locking you out of functions not purchased, changing alarms and notifications, user accounts and other necessary adjustments. This prevent you from making changes. Customers are essentially “locked” out of their system and are not allowed to make meaningful changes on their own. These administrative functions can cost up to 20% of the initial purchase price… every year.SCDATA approaches SCADA a different way, providing a system that’s fully unlocked and customizable by you, the operator.

Benefits of SCADATA

  • there’s no need for custom programming, multiple lengthy training sessions or annual maintenance agreements.
  • By putting you in control of your SCADA system, you decide how you want your SCADA system to work for you. Don’t get “locked out” of your system. SCADATA allows you flexibility to run it as you see fit.
  • SCADATA is a partner with National Instruments, creator of LabView systems engineering software, and the platform on which SCDATA’s applications are built.
  • Budgets can be challenging, especially in the public sector. SCADATA can start with setting up monitoring and control of a few of your sites, and help you grow you SCADA network as your budget allows.


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