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SEG Submersible Grinder Pump


Submersible Grundfos SEG sewage grinder pumps (0.9-4 kW) are designed for pumping wastewater, sludge-containing water, and sewage. Fitted with a patented grinder system designed to grind the media.

SEG grinder pumps are built tough and versatile

SEG grinder pumps 0.9-4 kW are the perfect choice for pumping untreated wastewater and toilet waste from single houses, small communities and less populated areas as part of a pressurized pipe network where sewer systems or gravitation systems aren’t an option. SEG grinder pumps are designed for reliability and efficiency and are very cost-effective. The capability for use with smaller pressure pipes means the pumps are cheaper to install and operate, more energy-efficient and reliable for years to come.

Suitable for:

  • Commercial wastewater
  • Domestic wastewater
  • Flood control
  • Wastewater transport
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