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Static Mixers are a terrific, time-tested solution for in-line mixing of both miscible and immiscible fluids. They provide reliable, predictable mixing.  We have experience with common and unusual applications. Mixing ammonia into flue gas? We do that. Trying to add a color swirl to marshmallows? Done it. Looking to add sodium hypochlorite to your municipal drinking water? Oh come on, that’s as easy one.

Available Models

Helic (Series 1)
Series 1 static mixers utilize 180-degree helical elements. They are available in a wide range of materials and end connections, with optional ports, jackets, and more. These mixers are a terrific solution for a wide variety of in-line mixing applications, including general chemical, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and more. 180-degreee helical elements are a proven, time tested solution. Materials of construction include a wide variety of metals, Teflon, sanitary, and more.

Whirled (series 2)
Series 2 static mixers feature UET’s whirled mixing elements, which are both bent and twisted. These mixing elements result in a shorter overall length than traditional static mixers, yet still provide terrific mixing performance. UET whirled elements are used in many industries, including chemical/petrochemical, oil & gas, food & beverage, water treatment, and more. Materials of construction include a wide variety of standard and exotic metals, fiberglass, Teflon, PVC/CPVC, etc

Foil (series 3)
Series 3 static mixers are best suited for applications with highly turbulent flow, such as water treatment and gas blending. The mixer consists of custom engineered, 45-degree mixing foils, welded inside of the pipe. These mixing foils create specific flow patterns that produce extremely efficient mixing with minimal headloss.

PAC wafer-style static mixers are an ideal solution for highly turbulent mixing applications, when minimal space is available. These mixers are typically installed between two flanges. While most commonly used in the water treatment industry, PAC mixers can be used to add mixing wherever space restrictions exist.


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