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Turbo S Mixer

Replacement for Submersible propeller mixers

Vaughan’s Turbo-S Mixer is a propeller mixer mounted vertically inside an 18” elbow. This mixer has replaced many submersible propeller mixers which have experienced motor or gearbox failure due to fluid inleakage. The Turbo-S can mix a pit with just approximately two feet of liquid above the floor, something a horizontal shaft submersible mixer cannot do.

Reduce bound rags with Vaughan’s Upper Cutter

The Turbo-S also incorporates Vaughan’s upper cutter above the propeller to stop wrapping and fibrous material binding and to protect the mechanical seal. The Turbo-S has been used extensively in dairy manure mixing but also in municipal treatment plant anoxic zone mixing and in oxidation ditches. An optional add-on turntable can allow the Turbo-S to be easily re-aimed in the pit.

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