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AquaPyr® Ultra-Low Waste Filter


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AquaPyr® Ultra-Low Waste Filter

An economic filter designed specifically for lower flow municipalities and industrial applications.

We get it. You’re not a large municipality or major industrial user, but you still have treatment challenges. Most likely this means working within a tight capital and operational budget while still needing to meet permit requirements. Just as important, you may be lacking a full-time, dedicated O&M staff.

The AquaPyr® Ultra Low Waste Filter is a gravity driven, continuous-feed pile cloth media filter designed specifically for smaller municipalities and industrial applications. At its core is the patent pending VacWash™ cleaning process, which doesn’t require filtered water to backwash the filtration media. This minimizes waste volumes, reduces power, and greatly simplifies the filtration process. Because the filter media is made of cloth, it’s lightweight and long lasting. It can be visually inspected while the filter operates and can be changed in less than an hour when the time comes. There’s no need for expensive transportation or vacuum trucks. Plus, you don’t have to work in a confined space to change it.


  • Ultra-Low Waste Volumes
  • Durable Filter Media
  • Simple, Reliable Automatic Operation
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Highly Flexible – Variable Flow and Load Design
  • CIP Option for Tough Applications


Interested in piloting the equipment? Reach out to a Sales Engineer today!

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