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F & C Series End-Suction General Purpose Pumps

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F & C Series End-Suction General Purpose Pumps


Peerless F Series pumps are general-purpose, frame mounted, end suction pumps flexibly coupled to drivers and equipped with coupling guards. Each entire unit can be mounted on a steel base. An optional drip pan is available. Peerless C Pump Series pumps are close coupled with standard C-face JM or JP solid shaft ball bearing motors specifically designed for pump applications in accordance with standards developed by the Hydraulic Institute (HI) and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA).


Capacities: Up to 3,000 gpm (675 m3/hr)

Head: Up to 400 feet (122 m)

Pressure: Up to 175 psi (12 bar)

Horsepower: Up to 125 hp (93 kW)

Temperature: From 32°F to 250°F (0°C to 120°C)

Drives: HI/NEMA JM or JP electric motors

Liquids: Water or liquid hydrocarbons

Materials: CI 30, bronze

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