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  • High accuracy and repeatability – flow Compensation – matched transducer pairs
  • Temperature Compensated Transducers – our transducers are automatically compensated for ambient temperature changes – according to ANSI/ASME MFC-5.1-2011.
  • Easy installation without process interruptions – Retrofittable & Compact Design
  • Maintenance Free – no moving parts, no wear & tear, gel/grease-free permanent transducer coupling pads
  • Operational Safety – No leak paths, no direct contact with the medium
Better Accuracy, Precision, Reliability and Repeatability

The FLUXUS F706 liquid flow meter combines highest precision digital signal processing with the well-known advantages of non-intrusive ultrasonic technology: ease of installation, retrofittable design, high accuracy, and outstanding performance. With 4 ultrasonic transducers operating in reflect mode, 8 independent ultrasonic paths traverse the liquid medium providing superior flow averaging of up to 4 planes of the pipe section. With this configuration, the F706 flow meter averages out crossflow profile effects and achieves optimum non-intrusive flow compensation for undesirable installation locations where insufficient upstream straight pipe proximity to bends, elbows or other adjacent instrumentation creates flow disturbances.

On applications with longer straight runs, the 4-ultrasonic beam arrangement used with the F706 liquid clamp on flow meter achieves outstanding accuracy, performance, and repeatability, making it the preferred solution for redundancy measurement (check metering) of custody transfer meters and leak detection applications where high accuracies are needed.

Temperature compensated transducers, superior noise suppression and a highly rugged design offer an unrivalled degree of reliability, durability, and accuracy – ensuring perfect operation of the system under the harshest field conditions.  The F706 liquid flow meter is even suitable for underground installations (IP68 / NEMA 6P rated).

As close to Custody Transfer Accuracy you can get from outside the pipe!

The F706 ultrasonic flow meter is capable of accuracy in the Custody Transfer class. By measurement principle, non-invasive ultrasonic flow meters exhibit some uncertainty related to pipe wall thickness and pipe geometry. However, these uncertainties are minimized with careful installation, precise pipe wall measurement and the inherent sensing capability of multiple 4-channel flow measurement. While intrinsic “out of box” custody transfer accuracy is not possible with clamp on metering, in many pipeline applications like check-metering, leak detection and others, it is possible to calibrate the F706 meter in-situ to achieve custody class accuracy (proven by industry independent Calibration Facilities – test reports are available upon request).

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