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FLEXUS Clamp-On Flow Meters

FLUXUS F – Non-invasive flow measurement technology from the technology leader

FLUXUS F ultrasonic liquid flowmeters measure the flow rate of liquids non-invasively with transducers mounted on the outside of the pipe. Since there is no need to open the pipe to attach the clamp-on liquid flowmeters, the installation of a measuring point does not affect user system operation in any way. The liquid flowmeter does not present any risk of leaks, it doesn’t cause any pressure drop and is not subject to wear and tear by the medium flowing inside.

Portable or Stationary

FLUXUS F is available as both portable and stationary liquid flowmeter types. FLEXIM can supply basic ultrasonic liquid sensors for non-invasive flow measurement of water, special measuring systems for high-precision recording of the lowest flow rates or for flow measurement of cryogenic to really high temperatures, or even for use in potentially explosive areas or permanently submerged under water. FLEXIM is the only supplier of SIL2-certified clamp-on ultrasonic transducers for use for safety functions.

For temporary measuring tasks, e.g. to check existing wetted flowmeters or in places where no flow measurement is installed, there is practically no alternative to non-invasive measurement with a portable version of FLUXUS F liquid flow measurement devices.

The stationary versions of FLUXUS F liquid flowmeters provide an impressive performance with their permanently reliable operation, practically no wear and no maintenance. Because a flow measuring point can be set up without opening the pipeline, it usually turns out to be cheaper than installing a wetted flowmeter when considering the overall costs.

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