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Are you struggling with inefficient heat exchangers? struvite build-up? Plugged tubes?
Look no further. DDI has the solution for you.

What makes DDI different?

DDI’s direct sludge to sludge heat recovery system pumps incoming sludge through a system of rectangular channels, so it absorbs most of the energy in the hot wasted digested sludge. With DDI Heat Exchangers, there is low risk of plugging due to very large gaps, and the risk of baking to the surface is low because of controlled fast flow of both incoming and outgoing sludge. Experience has found that the time to return on the investment is usually a year or less.

DDI’s Solutions

  • Simple design
  • Can be sized to fit the available space
  • No need for a holding tank, helping to reduce risks and costs for storing sewage
  • no need for a macerator
  • Efficient, non-pluggable design and large heat-transfer surface
  • Routine maintenance required only every five years in most municipal installations
  • DDI’s ECPS – Easy Cleaning Port System makes it easy to open the channels for inspection and maintenance
  • Experience in many applications has shown us how to modify designs to met you needs (including heating and cooling)


Don’t WASTE the WASTE, use DDI HEAT RECOVERY exchangers!

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