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JPX-JPL Standard Efficiency Seperator

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JPX-JPL Standard Efficiency Seperator

Wide variety of applications

The LAKOS Industrial JPX-JPL line of Separators are designed to fit a wide variety of commercial applications ranging from the oil and gas industry to the primary metals industry and everything in between. The JPX-JPL are the ideal solution to increase process efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and lower energy costs for an array of industrial and commercial applications.


  • Continuous Filtration: LAKOS Separators are designed to operate continuously with no routine shutdowns for cleaning or maintenance.
  • Cost Effective: Reduces defects, replacement parts, and maintenance cycles, while increasing efficiency and product consistency.
  • Low-Upkeep: No screens or filter elements to clean or replace. Centrifugal action removes debris without restricting flow or the mess of a filter.
  • Filtration performance is independently tested and rated to remove up to 98% of solids 74 microns and larger in a single pass.
  • Continuous centrifugal filtration with no backwashing or internal moving parts; automated periodic purging eliminates maintenance.
  • Preferred filtration choice for small orifice and spray nozzle protection, heat exchangers, pits, sumps, basin, pre-filtration, and waste minimization.

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