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PPS Pump Protection Seperators

Extend the life of your pumps

LAKOS Pump Protection Separators (PPS) remove sand and grit that can shorten the life of a submersible or turbine water well pumps. When sand threatens the performance of a pump, PPS Separators can help solve the problem and extend the life of the pump. Using a patented centrifugal design, the PPS controls the sand from entering the pump inlet, before it can chew up impellers, bearings, and other pump components. This keeps the pump operating at maximum efficiency.

PPS Features and Benefits:

  • Reduced sand wear on pump impellers and bearings
  • Fewer repairs and replacements
  • Longer lasting pump efficiency
  • Lower energy use
  • Lower operating costs
  • Helps maintain optimum pump yield
  • For submersible pumps with flows under 100 US GPM, refer to the LAKOS SUB-K Pump Protection Sand Separator


Flow Range: 100 – 3,180 U.S. GPM (23 – 723 m³/hr)
Maximum Pressure: Up to 150 psi (10.3 bar)

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