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Low Headloss Mixers


When you want clean water, clean gas or clean oil, and have limited power to move fluids past a static mixing device, choose Westfall’s patented low headloss mixers. The flexible design can be used as a Flow Conditioner, a Pipe Mixer and an Open Channel Mixer. All are custom ordered and manufactured to your specs.

Models Available

  • Low Headloss Flow Conditioner Model 3000
    For accurate metering
  • Low Headloss Pipe Mixer Model 3050
    For accurate mixing with choice of vane stages
  • Open Channel Mixer Model 4000
    For mixing liquids in open tank up to 20′ x 20′
  • Open Channel Mixer Model 5000
    True open channel mixer sets new standard


Reach out to a sales engineer today to find the right product for your application!

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