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NONCON Series – Flow through teflon tube

Glasco has been using flow through fluoropolymer tube reactor technologies to treat various liquids since 2006.

Systems are designed using translucent fluoropolymer tubes.   Liquid travels through the tubes and light shines through the walls to accomplish the disinfection process.

System operational overview

Water enters a stainless steel box or concrete channel.  Once in the transition box, water enters the fluoropolymer (FEP) tubes.   The water is directed through the translucent tubes.  While in the tubes, UV lamps shine their 254 nm wavelength through the walls of the tubes and to its intended target, microorganisms.

The water passes by the lamps where it is exposed to lethal doses of UV light.   The lamps are not in contact with the water.   This prevents fouling and some other problems of traditional horizontal channel disinfection.  The UV sensor is installed in the module and reads the relative output of a group of UV lamps.

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