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Vertical Open Channel UV Disinfection

Designed to treat unlimited flow rates

Glasco UV has been installing vertically oriented UV disinfection systems since the 1990s.  Systems are designed to treat unlimited flow rates.  Vertical products have been designed to treat low to large flows and are designed for 30″ or 60″ water levels.  Systems have been biologically validated at the Johnstown UV testing center by HydroQual.

System Overview

Water enters a concrete channel.  Depending on the flow rate, modules (or segments) will turn on.   This ensures that only the appropriate number of lamps are on.  This saves both lamp life and energy.   A Power Distribution Center / System Control Center provides for power, controls, monitoring and alarming.   Modules are connected to this center to receive Power, Data and Air.

The water passes by the modules where it is exposed to lethal doses of UV light.   The lamps are covered via the level control device at the end of the channel (fixed weir, flap gate or downward opening gate).

The modules integrate an automatic quartz cleaning system, which is pneumatically driven.   A UV monitoring sensor is installed in the module and reads the relative output of a group of UV lamps.   This sensor is also cleaned during the automatic cleaning process.

Product Highlights:

  • Largest plant  – 60 US MGD
  • 1st Amalgam Vertical install 2003
  • VCS-40-A150  US EPA ETV tested
  • VC-40-HO Validated medium flow
  • VC-48-A300 Validated large flow
  • Some plants 15,000 + hours on lamps
  • Retro fits available for existing systems



  • Unlimited flows
  • No underwater seals
  • Energy efficient
  • Small footprint
  • 30″ or 60″ water levels
  • High output or Amalgam lamps
  • All connections above water
  • Staggered lamp array
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Multi-lamp UV monitoring system
  • PLC controlled
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