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Prime Solution introduces the Prime Rotary Fan Screw Press™ to our family of Rotary Fan Presses. It combines the simple construction and pressure differential dewatering of our Rotary Fan Press with the addition of our patent-pending compression screw with its fully adjustable pneumatic restrictor. The continuous, enclosed operation uses an energy-efficient, slow-speed main drive, operating between 0.2 – 1.5 rpm. Unlike other screw presses, the screens and screw do not make contact, so there is minimal wear and a longer service life. The patented, slow-rotating screens form the unique dewatering channel, providing 60 times more (at 1 rpm) filtration area within the small footprint as compared to other dewatering technologies. Also, the Prime Rotary Fan Screw Press™ is expandable to meet the growing dewatering needs of your operation. No more worrying about being stuck with insufficient equipment. The Prime Rotary Fan Screw Press™ uses a unique channel technology with the option to add more channels should additional capacity be required in the future. The controls are easily programmable to optimize the dewatering process to your particular sludge/slurry.


  • Dewatering without the need for prior thickening
  • Volume reduction up to >97% in one operation
  • Minimal operator attention required
  • Adaptable to varying sludges/slurries
  • Minimized operator attention
  • Lower capital requirements
  • Reliable operation with more up-time
  • High filtration area within a small footprint
  • Continuous enclosed dewatering
  • Low-speed operation, vibration-free, almost
  • noiseless
  • Energy-efficient, gear-reduction technology
  • Models available: Free-standing/Skid Mounted/
  • Mobile
  • High solids capture rates
  • Maximum cake solids
  • Integrated process controls


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