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CAPSULAR vs Concrete built-in-place stations

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Underground Pump Stations - CAPSULAR®or Custom


An innovative approach to wastewater pumping emerged when Smith & Loveless Inc. pioneered the factory-built pump station 75 years ago. Today, after nearly 30,000 installations, the vision that inspired B. Alden Smith & Compere Loveless flourishes through S&L’s innovative buried pump stations.

Model Options:

  • Custom Series


CAPSULAR® Features and benefits

  • Exclusive S&L Safe-Stair Entry Module [Option] – provides safe and easy access to the station, thereby reducing occupational requirements and the associated capital costs of buildings and concrete stations requiring underground access
  • Future Adaptability – allows stations to be designed for future pumping conditions related to population growth, etc. Changes are easily accomplished through minor adaptions of rotating assemblies and/or controls
  • Spacious Interiors with Internal HVAC – enables continuous human occupancy to safely inspect equipment. Functional options include internal shelving, work desks and sinks.
  • Fluted Wall Design with 50-Year Cathodic Protection – provides structural support without outside I-beams. This design combined with VERSAPOX® coating enhances corrosion protection.
  • Quality – Thorough pump/station testing prior to shipment
  • Flexibility – Custom & standard designs meet customer requirements
  • Value – Lower total installed & lifetime costs vs. built-in-place designs
  • Optional custom features like multiple shell configurations, built-in desks, shelves, sinks, HVAC, and Soft Starts & Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)


Custom Series Features and Benefits

  • Custom Engineered Piping Layouts – The pipe layout is always designed to maximize open areas
  • Environmental – With a ventilation blower, dehumidifier and lighting, the station is suitable for continuous human occupancy and provides a dry, comfortable climate in which to work
  • Heavy Duty S&L Pump – Incorporates the largest stainless steel pump shaft with oversized bearing. Pumps and motors have some of the highest efficiencies in a wastewater pump
  • Quality Control – Factory built and tested prior to job site delivery minimizes field labor and assembly problems
  • Cost-efficient – Low installation costs combined with substantial energy savings make Smith & Loveless pump stations the most efficient solution for your underground wastewater pumping needs
  • Custom Designed Controls – Controls can be the most utilitarian relay logic to the latest technology PLC’s.


Reach out to a sales engineer to find the best product for your application!


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