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Cerlic CTX20/25 - 1 Inch Flow Thru Suspended Solids Sensor

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Cerlic CTX20/25 - 1 Inch Flow Thru Suspended Solids Sensor

Continuous suspended Solids Sensoring
The CTX 20/25 by-pass Suspended Solids Sensor is developed to measure suspended solids in liquids. The CTX sensor is used to continuously measure solids that are greater than 0.88 microns, such as in WWTP influent and effluent, clarifier effluent, condensate contamination, DAF influent and effluent solids, centrate and filtrate, industrial process slurries, etc.

Near infrared (NIR-light)
The CTX 20/25 is constructed of 316SS with sapphire lenses and supplied with 1” npt couplings. The measuring principle is based on the ability of suspended particles to absorb and reflect NIR-light (near infrared), which is pulsed at 880 nm. The sensor has a 20 mm gap between the lenses, which produces a self-cleaning effect due to the increased velocity.

Precalibrated for easy startup
The sensor is precalibrated for quick and easy startup. After installation, one point adjustment is performed against a laboratory test. The BB2 control box has four selectable calibration curves for applications with varying furnishes. Two CTX sensors (or other sensors in the X-series) may be connected to a single BB2 control box, which provides two 4-20mA outputs. The BB2 box is built with the ability to add an interface board that allows connection to a fieldbus.

Easy to Use: Self-instructing menu Zero calibrate with water Calibration with lab test
Low maintenance: Self-cleaning design No moving parts
Wide measuring range: 10 to 30,000 ppm Depending on type of solids
Plug & Play: Pre-calibrated for quick start-up

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