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Cerlic pHX and ReX - pH and ORP Sensors

pH and ORP Sensor
pHX and ReX Immersion Sensors are intended for applications in waste water treatment plants, industrial process sewers, etc. The sensors are based on digital electronic with RS485 communication to our new BB2 control box. All settings are made from the BB2 control box using a three-button panel. Two PHX/ReX sensors (or other Xseries sensors) can be connected to a single BB2control box, which provides two independent and isolated 4-20 mA outputs. Two relay outputs are used for high/low alarms or to control a solenoid for flushing of the electrodes. The BB2 control box is built with the ability to add an interface board for future fieldbus communication to support up to 4 sensors. Sensors are easily connected to the BB2 control box with simple plug & play connections.

Accurate and stable output signal
New Digital electronics

Wide application range
Heavy duty SS sensor holder for operating in corrosive environments

Easy to use
New SS Slide rail assembly for easy installation and servicing of sensor

Low maintenance
Field replaceable electrode Smart calibration
Automatic flushing with locked output during flush

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