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Chemical Feed Equipment

Day Tank Scales

Accurate tracking

When feeding chemicals, such as Fluoride, Polymer and Sodium Hypochlorite, it is imperative that you have a way of accurately tracking chemical usages and feed rates. In fact, many government regulations require you to document chemical usages, and there is no more accurate method than using a weight based chemical monitoring system.

Non-Intrusive level technology

Compared to intrusive tank level technologies, weight is an inherently more accurate means of measuring level contents because it is independent of vessel shape, temperature, corrosive fumes and specific gravity of the contents. Using the CHEM-SCALE for your inventory management results in an inexpensive, non-contacting, highly reliable method of tracking chemical levels, usages and feed rates.

Heavy duty scales

These heavy-duty platform scales are available with our chemical resistant Tuf-Coat finish or in 316 stainless steel and have adjustable tank anchoring/restraint clips mounted directly to the scale platform.

The restraint clips provide lateral stability and can be used in conjunction with our hold down straps to further secure the tank for extreme protection in the event of a natural disaster such as a flood, earthquake or high winds.


Enables accurate chemical feed documentation
Prevent system from running empty
4-20mA remote monitoring reduces operator exposure to chemicals
Low profile for easy and safe loading and unloading

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