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IBC Tote Bin Scales

Accurate chemical use tracking

When feeding chemicals such Fluoride, Polymer and Sodium Hypochlorite, it is imperative to have a way to accurately track chemical usages and feed rates. In fact many government regulations require you to document chemical usages and there is no more accurate method than using a weight-based chemical monitoring system.

Reduced chance of operator/chemical contact

Compared to intrusive tank level technologies, using a scale is inherently more accurate because a scale operates independent of vessel shape, temperature, corrosive fumes and specific gravity of the chemical. Even more importantly for the operator, since there is no need to place a sensor into the tote or chemical as other technologies require, the chance of operator/chemical contact is greatly reduced. Also, using a scale does not add any time to the tote change out procedure. The empty tote is lifted or rolled off the platform, the new one rolled or forked on, the process plumbing connected and the system is ready to go.

Heavy duty platform

Our heavy duty platform scales come standard with the exclusive chemical resistant Tuf-Coat™ finish or are offered in optional 316 stainless steel. An adjustable backstop on the scale platform allows the tote to be rapidly placed in the same position each time for process connection alignment and optimum scale accuracy.

Combine any of the indicators at the top of this page with the IBC Tote Bin Scale to make a complete monitoring system.


Enables accurate chemical feed documentation
Warn of dangerous over and underfeeding conditions
Remote monitoring via SCADA or PLC
Low profile, corrosion-proof platform with no moving parts

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