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Hydraulic chlorine cylinder scale

When we launched the CHLOR-SCALE 150 in 1993, we changed the way the world weighs chlorine gas cylinders. Up until then, mechanical and electronic chlorine cylinder scales, ammonia cylinder scales and SO2 cylinder scales were not designed with the user in mind. They were hard to repair, remote mounted indicators were not available, and the scales required replacement every year or two due to corrosion. We took our 25 years of hydraulic scale manufacturing experience and created the first ever hydraulic chlorine cylinder scale.

Wall mounted chaining brackets

We designed the CHLOR-SCALE 150 specifically to weigh chlorine gas, sulfur dioxide & ammonia cylinders used in small treatment plants, well heads, booster stations and at industrial plants. A low overall height of less than 1-7/8 inches (4.7 cm) allows cylinders to be easily rolled on and off the scale platform without lifting and our included wall-mounted chaining bracket provides the safest possible installation by securing the cylinder to the building structure itself.

Corrosion resistant

Optional remote mounted indicators (up to 25′) provide operators with an added level of convenience and safety by preventing unnecessary entry into the chlorine building. The CHLOR-SCALE 150 has a 100% solid PVC platform and the few fasteners and fittings are corrosion resistant. This makes our cylinder scale survive for years and years without any damage from corrosion, UV light, impact or abrasion. Our incredibly simple “pivoted platform” design has no moving parts either. This means that there are no flexures, levers or mechanical links that are susceptible to corrosion, bending or breaking.

We can combine any of our hydraulic and electronic indicators with the Chlor-Scale 150 making it possible to create a cylinder scale that gives you exactly what your application requires.

A full 5-year warranty backs each and every CHLOR-SCALE 150 including the platform, load cell and indicator. Buying a CHLOR-SCALE 150 gas cylinder scale means you are buying the original and the best!

Enables accurate chemical feed documentation
Warn of dangerous over and underfeeding conditions
Remote monitoring via SCADA or PLC
Low profile, corrosion-proof platform with no moving parts

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