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Density Current Redirecting Baffles (Stamford Baffle)


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Density Current Redirecting Baffles (Stamford Baffle)


Also known as a “Stamford Baffle”, the Protectolite™ Composites Density Current Baffle is an advanced baffle design that redirects the density currents that form at the edges of the clarifiers back towards the center, thereby improving the performance of the clarifier.

Protectolite™ Composites Density Current Baffles are modular in design, with pre-assembled baffle sections and FRP support brackets to provide reliable and trouble-free installation.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Custom fabricated to fit each clarifier
  • Lightweight and modular, for easy installation and maintenance
  • Separate support brackets for ease of installation


See the brochure for technical data and more pictures. 

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