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Dry Polymer Make-Down Systems

Clearwater Industries has manufactured dry polymer make-down systems for 25 years.  Each system includes a lifetime warranty with the exclusive use of our chemistry.

Dry polymers are cost effective
Dry polymers are the most cost-effective way to use flocculants and settle solids out of liquid suspension.  They contain 90+% active chemistry, whereas emulsion polymers are closer to 30% active chemistry.  The active chemistry makes dry polymer ideal for liquid-solid separation and sludge dewatering.

Our M-Series units are automated to ensure reliable performance with minimal operator attention.  The systems minimize polymer consumption by fully activating and aging the solution.  The dry polymer particles are first introduced to water in the wetting funnel before being hydraulically sheared and mechanically mixed, delivering a uniform solution.  You can rely on our systems to accurately activate, age, and dose the polymer solution.

Can be customized
If one of our standard sizes doesn’t fit your needs, we’ll work with you to customize a system for your application.  Although typically used to make-down polymers, we’ve customized units to prepare and dose products such as lime slaker, powdered activated charcoal, and starch.

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